Fly High, Talons up
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It was only a practice. Thank the heavens for that, because her mood would worsen tenfold if she had lost Ravenclaw the win because their captain was an idiot. Or a male whole. Both. She was going to go with both.

n>They’d been roommates for six years. Septima had been at her tryout (though she was reading in the stands) and made sure to wish her luck before every match since. Septima was her friend, one of her only close friends. She would even talk about the war with her, which was a huge sign of how much she trusted the little bookworm.

So, finding out that her fellow teammate went on a date with her was annoying. The icing on the cake was that it was Benjy. Benjy! He flirted with everyone with a skirt. Maybe even the professors!

She didn’t even know if she was angry because she thought he would say something to her or if it was because she didn’t want to defend someone on the field if she didn’t trust them off it. Whatever the reason, she was viewing Benjy as an enemy off the pitch and it somehow transferred to that practice. She started swinging the bat to hit the bludgers away from her Chasers in order to hit them at their own Keeper.

"Gwenog! What the bloody hell are you doing?"

"You’re going to knock ‘im off his broom, Jones!"

Her mind kept racing as she kept hitting them toward the son of a second hand witch that would break her best friend’s heart. She hit one as hard as she could, almost feeling her bat break on impact. The rebound of the impact on her arm made her pause to see that her teammates were looking at her with a mixture of confusion and fear.

"Gwen," Caradoc starter slowly, apparently fearful that she had lost it. "Why are you trying to kill Benjy?"

She took a deep breath, looking around for a moment. She briefly wondered if she should just talk about it, her mother said that was better than lashing out. She threw the idea out, she didn’t want a conversation she wanted Septima to have an easier life then one with a known player and a target on her face for being a muggleborn.

She shook her head for a moment before descending for the pitch without a word. It was the first practice she didn’t stay the full time. She knew she was going to get a lecture when she didn’t have a bat in her hand, but she couldn’t regret what she did.

She was protecting her friend, right?

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